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Travel insurance

Travel insurance is basically a limited time health insurance specifically for when you are traveling. If your health insurance already covers you for traveling abroad do not buy travel insurance. It's pretty much that simple. Having said that, there are times when you can make use of this product. If your current health insurance does not cover you when you travel abroad, you should be considering coverage.

Keep in mind that travel health insurance is a very expensive type of health insurance, and dollar for dollar, you can do better. You might even want to call your current health insurance company to see if they can provide you travel insurance at a better price than what is offered through your travel agent.
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RBC Travel insurance
Whether you're traveling for a few days or several months, you probably know that government health insurance plans provide only limited coverage for medical treatment and hospital costs outside of Canada.
That's why Travel HealthProtector insurance was developed for RBC Financial Group® clients. It provides you with comprehensive out-of-country emergency medical insurance that pays your eligible medical bills and other related costs if you or a covered family member have a medical emergency while traveling.

Unlimited emergency medical & hospital coverage
There is no overall dollar maximum on eligible benefits, beyond the costs covered by your Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan and other supplemental plans. Now also included - Reimbursement of up to $50 CAD per day to a maximum of $500 CAD for incidental hospital expenses such as telephone or television rental, if you are hospitalized for at least 48 hours.

Emergency medical evacuation
All eligible expenses will be paid to transport you to the nearest approved medical facility or, if medically necessary, transportation will be provided for the emergency return of you, your traveling companion(s), or your insured children and pets back to Canada.

The Care and Support of a Companion
If you or any covered family members are traveling alone and are hospitalized for more than 3 days, travel expenses and Travel HealthProtector coverage will be provided for a companion to be with you, at no extra cost to you or your companion.

Reimbursement to cover daily expenses
When a medical emergency delays your return to Canada, you'll receive up to $175 a day to a maximum of $1,750 for commercial accommodation, meals and other related expenses during the delay.

All the emergency services you need
Coverage will be provided for such emergency services such as x-rays and diagnostic tests, ambulances, medical appliance rental, private nursing, physiotherapy and other professional services when the emergency medical condition is covered under the terms of the policy.
Keeping the lines of Communication open
In case of a medical emergency, we provide a toll-free number to help exchange important information with your family, business or physician.

TD Canada Trust Travel Insurance
Plan to take Travel Medical Insurance with you, because one thing you don't want to leave behind is the quality medical care and coverage you have at home.

Annual Plan with Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage benefits
The best value for frequent travelers or business people! This is TD Canada Trust most flexible protection, allowing you multiple trips of up to 17 days during the course of the year.
In addition, the Annual Plan provides you with Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage benefits. Trip Cancellation coverage benefits is subject to a maximum limit of $1,000 per Insured Person per Covered Trip and $5,000 total per Annual Plan Certificate per Policy Period and will be limited to the cancellation penalties in effect on the date the Cause for Cancellation arises. Trip Interruption benefits excludes the cost of pre-paid unused return transportation, and is subject to a maximum limit of $5,000 per Insured Person per Covered Trip.

Per Trip Plan
Perfect for occasional travelers or short trips to the U.S. - just purchase before each trip. You can purchase Travel Medical Insurance for trips of one to 182 days. Coverage must be purchased for the entire duration of the trip, so be sure to include the departure and return dates when calculating the length of your trip.

With 24-hour telephone access to the dedicated assistance professionals at the Emergency Assistance Centre, you can be assured that, in the event of a medical emergency, your medical assistance needs will be looked after. That means taking care of details like arranging the right medical care, contacting your family doctor and staying in touch with your family with reports on your condition. Contact the Emergency Assistance Centre immediately at 1-800-359-6704 from anywhere in North America (or call collect (416) 977-5040 from anywhere else).







Policies and Perceptions of Insurance: An Introduction to Insurance Law
Book by Clarendon Press, 1997

The book is an introduction to insurance contract law in the United Kingdom today. As such, however, it contains not only summaries of settled and satisfactory legal rules but also discussion of more controversial matters, with an attempt to flag which is which. On these matters, it is less an insider's invitation to come in and look round than a view from the outside, the view of an academic of an industry which in the past has not exhibited a conspicuous regard for academe. It is said, and not only by insurers, that academics sit in silicone towers and suffer ivory illusions. Be that as it may, from some towers on a good day one can see a long way. Whether this book was written from the right tower on a good day is for the reader to decide. I have been helped in various ways and various degrees by many people, among them Derek Cole, Gordon Cornish, Martin Davies, Valerie Fogleman, Lis Frost, Charles Goldie, Marit Halvorsen, Brian Haynes, Bob Hepple, Martin Hoskins, Gareth Jones, Ben Jupp, Martin Kemp, Keith Loney, Robert McCorquodale, Tony Paish, Laurie Slade, John Spencer, Peter Stein, Lloyd Watkins, and Gunther Wiese. I am most grateful to all of them. Above all, however, I have had the scholarly support of Peter Cane and Jane Stapleton. It has been a great good fortune to work with them, not only because of their devotion as editors but also by reason of their expertise in some of the areas touched on in the book. Finally, I hope that readers from other parts of the United Kingdom will forgive the author, who was born in Wales, for referring to what is their law too as English law. The Insured
To the actuary, risk is the 'probability that a particular adverse event occurs during a stated period of time or results from a particular challenge' where 'an adverse event is an occurrence producing harm'. This was the conclusion of a report of the Royal Society, 1 which was not confined to insured activity but at a broad spectrum of activity. To insurers, probability matters in order to rate the risk and calculate premium: see 38 below. To insurers, the risk is the chance of loss of the kind insured. Loss means both loss in the literal sense of deprivation (e.g. robbery) and financial loss -- the impact of events (e.g storm damage) on the economic well-being of the insured. Insurers are concerned not only with whether the loss will occur (e.g. fire) but also, in cases in which loss is more or less bound to occur, with when it will occur (e.g. death) or the extent of loss (e.g. the damage to a London taxi in the course of the period insured).

To the insured, as conceived by the insurance economist, the 'concept of risk comprises two components -- a detriment aspect and an uncertainty aspect'. 2 As regards the detriment, by taking insurance, the financial element in the detriment, although no longer a risk but a certainty, is reduced to the level of the premium; and the inconvenience element is curtailed to the time it takes to find insurance and, if the risk strikes, to obtain indemnity. As for the uncertainty and whether the risk will strike, that is not reduced objectively. Subjectively, however, just as some people say that as long as they take an umbrella it never rains, some people feel that insurance serves as a 'charm' which wards off the danger. Uncertainty is reduced objectively, however, as to the extent of the detriment, notably the...

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