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City National Bank #5. One of the largest banks in the USA

City National Corporation (NYSE: CYN), with total assets of $14.4 billion, is the parent company of City National Bank, California's Premier Private and Business Bank®. City National offers a full complement of banking, trust and investment services through 55 offices, including 12 full-service regional centers, in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Its 2,500 colleagues deliver specialized and highly personal service and complete financial solutions to small- and mid-size businesses, as well as to affluent individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs.
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Checking Accounts
City National Bank is focused on providing superior service and is committed to building strong, lasting personal relationships.
For Personal Checking, City National Bank offers a variety of different accounts for your convenience. The cost depends on your account balance and the number of checks you write monthly. Choose from:

Personal Checking
Basic, non-interest-bearing checking account. No monthly maintenance or per-item fees when daily or average balance requirements are met. If the balance falls below the minimum requirements, the cost of the account includes the monthly maintenance and is then determined by the number of checks paid per month.

Interest-bearing account that has no minimum balance required to earn interest. The cost of the account is determined by the balances you maintain and the number of checks paid per month.

Lifeline Checking
Low-cost checking for those clients who write a minimum number of checks per month.
Your account is easily accessible - withdrawals, deposits and transfers between accounts can be made through any City National ATM. City National Bank provides you with monthly account statements, and daily account information is also available through City National Bank's Telephone Banking service or from its Web site.

Investments & Trust Services
City National Bank's experienced investment advisors know that the best way to help you achieve your personal goals is with a disciplined investment methodology backed by:
Decades of experience
In-depth research
Immediate access to a wide range of resources
City National Bank and its affiliates have approximately $37 billion in assets under administration, which includes $17.3 billion in assets under management for high-net-worth individuals. They get direct access to decision-makers. And they rely on the superior service, accurate and timely accounting, efficient execution, and unquestioned security in the business.

Lending Services City National Bank wants to be your bank. Whether you need home mortgage, personal line of credit, or auto, aircraft or marine loans, City National offers products to meet all types of needs. City National Bank has been serving California customers for over 51 years.As a City National client, your relationship manager will guide you through the lending process every step of the way. Whatever your needs, City National Bank will streamline and structure a program to suit your requirements.

International Banking Services Advances in technology, telecommunications and transportation have permanently redrawn the global map. The opportunities are boundless, but many lack the kind of sophisticated trade financing that will enable them to take advantage of this new environment.
That's where City National comes in. City National Bank offers one of the most experienced teams of international trade professionals in the business, ready to serve you with a wide range of foreign exchange, trade finance, and currency management services.
Bank's clients include some of the region's fastest-growing businesses - companies that have come to rely on us for innovative solutions to all of their financial needs - as well as highly successful individuals.
And to connect you to the right people, City National Bank provides a Personal Banker - one person dedicated to you. Somebody you get to know and rely on. If that sounds like the way you'd like your international banking to be handled, City National Bank invites you to experience it first-hand.







Investment Finance in Economic Development
Book by Routledge, 1995
The financial reforms and the 'economic miracle'

In the previous chapter it was shown that, before 1964, financial development in Brazil lagged behind the rapid progress made by the productive sectors. This created constraints on the country's development, which required appropriate medium-and long-term financing mechanisms. In other words, a new articulation between the financial and the productive spheres was needed.

In 1964 a military coup brought to power a group of neoclassical economists who believed that this partnership between the financial and productive spheres had to be based on the stimulus of individual saving. From 1964 to 1966, this group implemented a series of reforms of the financial system. One of the basic guidelines of these reforms, according to an official government document, was to guarantee higher interest rates for savers and lower rates for borrowers and all investors (MiniPlan 1965:21). The reformers blamed the usury law and inflation for the negative rates of interest paid to savers; and the lack of competition and inefficiency of the financial structure for the increasing gap between deposit and loan rates. The solution for the problem was threefold. First, in order to reduce inflation the government introduced a severe stabilisation programme, which has already been described in Chapter 7. Second, the government indexed its bonds and loans and determined that private financial institutions did the same with theirs. Finally, to increase the competition and efficiency of the financial system, the reforms promoted a segmentation of its structure according to the maturity of assets and loans; and facilitated the access of firms to foreign indebtedness.

This chapter analyses the logic behind the financial reforms. Further, it shows how the reformed system deviated from what was expected by the reformers and how such structure contributed to the economic boom...
Towards the lost decade
The financial system in the imbalanced growth (1973-83)
The year 1973 marked a new phase in Brazil's development, a phase in which the country had to face severe internal and external challenges to the continuance of its growth. On the internal front, the economy showed signs of the exhaustion of the boom begun in 1967, as industrial output reached full capacity, inflation began to rise and the demand for capital goods soared. On the external front, the fourfold increase in international oil prices caused a significant balance of payments problem, in an economy where 80 per cent of the oil needs were imported.

Two options were available to the Brazilian government then. One was to promote a severe adjustment programme in order to re-establish external equilibrium. This would almost inevitably cause recession, which was not politically bearable by the military government, as it was preparing for a transition to a civilian political system and wanted to guarantee that in this transition its political party (ARENA) remained in power. The second option, which was taken, was to deepen the process of import substitution so as to rapidly reduce Brazil's dependency on foreign resources. It implied heavy investment in technologically advanced basic input sectors and in the production of internally generated energy. This option took the form of the Second National Development Plan (the 1974 Plan), which raised the accumulation of the economy to levels which were unprecedented in Brazil's economic history.

In the implementation of the 1974 Plan, the government was split into two different (but not politically exclusive) orientations: one, led by the President and the Ministry of Planning, had a strongly interventionist view. The other, led by the Finance Ministry, continued to espouse the liberal approach to monetary policy and also favoured the maintenance

The biggest USA & Canada cities of operations.
  1. New York City, NY
  2. Los Angeles, California
  3. Chicago, Illinois
  4. Houston, Texas
  5. Phoenix, Arizona
  6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. San Antonio, Texas
  8. San Diego, California
  9. Dallas, Texas
  10. San Jose, California
  11. Detroit, Michigan
  12. Miami, Florida
  13. Atlanta, Georgia
  1. Toronto, Ontario
  2. Montreal, Quebec
  3. Vancouver, British Columbia
  4. Calgary, Alberta
  5. Edmonton, Alberta
  6. Ottawa - Gatineau, Ontario/Quebec
  7. Quebec City, Quebec
  8. Hamilton, Ontario
  9. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  10. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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