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TD Canada Trust
TD Canada Trust is TD Bank Financial Group's customer-focused personal, small business and commercial banking business. Serving approximately 10 million customers across Canada, TD Canada Trust provides a full range of financial products and services through its retail branch network, telephone and Internet banking, and through access to more than 2,700 automated banking machines.
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Products & Services:

TD Canada Trust savings accounts feature the highest rates of all accounts so your money grows faster. TD Canada Trust chequing accounts help make managing your money easy. Find the perfect chequing account for you with Chequing Account Selector.

Personal Credit
TD Canada Trust committed to helping you find the right credit solution for the things you want. You can count on it for personal service and advice that will help make the credit you use as economical, flexible and convenient as possibl


You'll find answers to questions, helpful planners and informative calculators so you can explore your home financing options. Find the perfect mortgage for you with TD Canada Trust mortgage selector tool.

Credit Cards
The credit card you choose should provide the right balance of value and rewards. Try TD Canada Trust innovative tool that helps you identify the right TD Visa card based on your needs.

Foreign Currency Services
TD Canada Trust Foreign Currency Services can help you enjoy comfort, convenience and security when you travel abroad. They can also make it easier for you to enjoy your travels and meet your needs without having to worry about foreign exchange conversion delays.

US Banking
Whether it's business or pleasure that takes you to the U.S. on a frequent basis, you may be at the point where you need more flexibility with your U.S. finances. If you want easier access and a more convenient way to handle your money, it's time to consider a U.S. Checking Account at TD Waterhouse Bank.







Bank of Canada Operations and Policy
Book by University of Toronto Press, 1958

Bank of Canada Objectives
BEFORE DISCUSSING the Bank of Canada's control techniques or its operations, it is essential that we gain a clear impression of what exactly the Bank should attempt to do. The objectives described in this chapter are perhaps not in every case beyond dispute, especially since it has been necessary to make certain assumptions regarding the extent of the Bank's responsibility for debt management and government finance; but much of the discussion should be noncontroversial, for appraisals of whether or not the Bank of Canada has fulfilled these objectives are left to later chapters. Similarly it seems best to leave most discussion of control techniques to the next chapter. The emphasis is entirely on Bank objectives, although some description of the economic phenomena which make certain objectives necessary must occasionally be given.

It has already been indicated in chapter I that the Bank is the instrument for implementing government policy, and therefore it might be said that the ultimate objective of the Bank's operations is the fulfilment of this policy. While this is undoubtedly correct, indeed a truism, it tells us nothing of the nature of the Bank's specific objectives and so gives no indication of the general guides for actual operations. The attainment of a high and stable level of employment income and economic growth can be considered to be the Bank's ultimate objective, and that is the expressed aim of the government also. 1 The Bank can attempt to achieve this aim by both direct and indirect means. Directly, it can try to bring a positive influence to bear on national income itself; that is, it can encourage a change in real and money national income. More indirectly, it can accommodate a change in national income which is already taking place and it can in certain ways protect the economy from influences which would disrupt economic growth and price stability; we will find that these activities mainly entail offsetting changes in the demand for bank cash, and exerting a stabilizing influence on the securities and foreign exchange markets. Lastly, since governments will not be without funds, the Bank may have to aid government finance.

The biggest USA & Canada cities of operations.
  1. New York City, NY
  2. Los Angeles, California
  3. Chicago, Illinois
  4. Houston, Texas
  5. Phoenix, Arizona
  6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. San Antonio, Texas
  8. San Diego, California
  9. Dallas, Texas
  10. San Jose, California
  11. Detroit, Michigan
  12. Miami, Florida
  13. Atlanta, Georgia
  1. Toronto, Ontario
  2. Montreal, Quebec
  3. Vancouver, British Columbia
  4. Calgary, Alberta
  5. Edmonton, Alberta
  6. Ottawa - Gatineau, Ontario/Quebec
  7. Quebec City, Quebec
  8. Hamilton, Ontario
  9. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  10. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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